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Visualizzazione dei post da Giugno, 2013

Elister Edizioni: its first international debut!

Elister Edizioni, the italian publishing house has its first international debut with the ebook "It's Doesn't Have To Hurt So Much" by Michael Madrone (series "Pash The World!").

The author is a teacher, writer, translator, natural health practitioner and meditator. For more than 30 years he has explored these topics with enthusiasm. He has studied in both western and Tibetan medical systems.

He is too an ordained ngakpa, having been initiated by Sakya Dagchen Rinpoche.

Herealizedahumanitarian project tobringdrinking waterin a Buddhist monasteryin Nepalthat welcomes everyyear hundreds ofabandoned children.

Now Michael Madrone published hisfirst ebook: "It doesn't have to hurt so much", a pratical guide for managing the pain and suffering.

 "Life hurts. The young, the old, everyone suffers. Sometimes we find relief, but sometimes we don’t.  When that happens is there any hope? One man’s quest to answer this question led him to study and prac…